World-Class Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors

The Difference Between An Effective Selling Strategy And A Mediocre One Usually Rests In Your Choice of Advisor.

Running a business is tough enough, but selling one… well, until you’ve done it multiple times… you just can’t know what’s involved. And wrong turns can be easy to make. Expensive wrong turns. For most business owners, it is life’s most important financial transaction. Whether you get it right or wrong, the outcome will have an impact on the next phase in your life.  And until you’ve crossed the finish line, there’s no way of knowing if you took the right path. Unless you have the right advisor.

The good news is, we have been there, we’ve walked the route and we’ve got the best compass and roadmap. The Tower team has extensive experience in representing sellers and buyers. No business is ever guaranteed to successfully sell, but our proven approach dramatically improves the likelihood of your successful exit.

Simply put, we have the team, the approach, the experience and the sheer drive to develop, implement and execute the most effective strategy to sell your business. We research, identify and engage with investors worldwide. We are advanced in the marketing and sales prowess proficiency required to sell a business to sophisticated acquirers. And we apply a down-to-earth approach with each client and investor we engage with (which they are very complimentary of).

Have we mentioned our ability to engage with investors? It’s one of THE cornerstones of our process and a driving factor behind the successful sale of any business. In addition to our exhaustive research process (typically more than 100+ man-hours per client) we are continually identifying and engaging with investors outside of our own network. Our network consists of long-standing connections include more than 37,000 strategic investors, 2,100+ family offices, more than 630 private equity and hedge fund investors and more than 240 other high net-worth relationships.

Our Network,
Together with Our Exhaustive Investor Research Capabilities, Allows Us to:

  • Research and develop the most comprehensive, targeted list of international investors with a bespoke investment thesis for your business.
  • Obtain current industry-specific insight to aid us in the development of our sell-side strategies for each client.
  • Position our clients’ businesses with the greatest number of qualified international buyers.
  • Identify other potential marketing approaches that may otherwise have been overlooked and which can yield tremendous results.