Empowering Business Owners On The Road to Selling Their Companies

Thinking of Selling But Not Sure Where to Start?

tower’s Pre-Exit Analysis is a TAILOR-made report regarding the sale of your company and what you need to know.

And for a limited period, it’s ON THE HOUSE. 


Selling your business is a major milestone in life. You likely have more questions than answers and what you’d really benefit from is a meaningful discussion with someone who sells businesses worldwide each and every day. We’ll spare you the sales pitch and instead focus on straightforward talk. 

We’ll also produce a no-cost analysis for you that’s going to provide valuable insights relevant to you and your business. Your report is a free and confidential.

Qualifying business owners can take advantage of this opportunity to engage in an in-depth discussion about their business, the M&A trends in their industry, valuation parameters, selling strategy, and much, much more.


Pre-Exit Analysis

Over the years, we’ve repeatedly discovered that for entrepreneurs, the idea of engaging with experts on the matter of selling their business is daunting – and depending on who you talk to, the advice can vary dramatically, leaving you more uncertain than before you started. 

We can help you avoid this. 

What Mark Carmichael realised 25 years ago when he was selling his first business, was that he needed a capable advisor that he could actually talk with; not just a sales pitch. 

Our Pledge: we’ll engage in a thorough conversation with you, no strings attached (for qualified parties – see below). We’ll listen to your questions and concerns. We’ll develop an understanding of your business so that we can conduct our confidential analysis. You’ll then receive your bespoke Pre-Exit Analysis Report compiled especially for you.

Your Pre-Exit Analysis Will Cover:

  • A current overview of your business and sector;
  • A breakdown of the types of investors likely to be interested;
  • Valuation parameters (financial information such as last 3 years accounts, financial projections, etc required for this);
  • Detailed Selling-Your-Business Roadmap, including recommendations as to the best strategy and process for selling your business;
  • How to find the right advisor for you; 
  • Assessment of the perceived pros/cons of your business in the eyes of investors;
  • Estimated time frame to sell your business;
  • Assessment of the quality of your financial statements from an investor’s perspective;
  • Assessment of any potential negative issues requiring a resolution prior to selling;
  • Industry overview, including M&A activity in your sector, macro-economic overview, etc.
  • Our balanced general view on the attractiveness of your company to investors;
  • A list of common oversights and value-eroders that business owners miss when selling their business;
  • Other supplemental information.

“Do I Qualify for the Free Pre-Exit Analysis Report?”


We invest real time and money into this joint exercise which we will not bill you for. If you qualify, your only requirement is to commit to the time and respect that this process deserves. It contains real value for you, your shareholders and your business. Previously, clients have paid in excess of $30,000 USD for our complete detailed assessment. During this trial, however, Tower underwrites the costs of this exercise. You will not be billed and there are no obligations for selected businesses other than that your commitment to provide the necessary data and time on the phone with us. 

As we specialise in selling client’s businesses that meet a particular profile, we do require that entrepreneurs interested in the Pre-Exit Analysis meet the following criteria:

  •  Minimum EBITDA of 3 million (Euro, USD$ or equivalent)
  •  Or, minimum revenue of 50 million (Euro, USD$ or equivalent)
  • General revenue/EBITDA growth in the business over last 3 years
  •  Seeking to sell 100%, or a significant majority of shares in the business
  • Timeframe: You are seeking to sell within 0-24 months

The Pre-Exit Analysis program is intended to deliver real value to you at no cost or obligation. 

Note:  We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time and may cancel the exercise at any time, with any party, if they are not fully committed to the process.