Our Values Are At the Core of Everything We Do

Company Values Matter.  

Our approach to selling businesses is entrepreneurial. That means a creative, assertive and methodical full-service commitment to selling your business. Over the years, we’ve developed and continually refined our blueprint for selling businesses. We genuinely know of no other approach that is as comprehensive, efficient and well-executed as ours. It’s labour-intensive and requires marketing expertise, selling acumen, humour and unwavering commitment to realising the end-result: achieving the optimal result in the sale of your business.

But it also requires collaboration, intelligence, experience, relationship building, long nights (mostly for us; not you) and more. In the end, these are the traits that lead to the highest probability of an exceptional result.

Our values assist our team in achieving their goals as well as the company’s – and our clients. They are at the heart of our identity.


Tower’s Corporate Values:

Integrity: We are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine. We stand by what we do, what we have done and what we’ll do next.

Empowering: We believe in entrepreneurial spirit and will support it in any way we can.

Respect: We treat each company that we are entrusted to sell as if it was our own.

Transparency: We earn our trust through open and candid communication.

Collaboration: We leverage collective genius.

Quality: What we do, we do well.