Mark Carmichael

Mark Carmichael

Head of Corporate Finance

Mark Carmichael is the entrepreneur’s M&A advisor” wrote Verne Harnish, co-founder of Entrepreneur’s Organisation and author of Mastering The Rockefeller Habits 2.0.

A lifelong serial entrepreneur who has successfully established businesses in five countries over the last 25 years, Mark’s perspective as entrepreneur-turned-investment-banker provides a powerful combination of real-world experience as an entrepreneur coupled with a career in M&A that spans more than a decade and more than $6 billion worth of deals which he has advised on.

His book, The Intelligent Exit: A Business Owner’s Guide to A Winning Strategy When Selling Your Company, is an international award-winning resource for entrepreneurs, addressing the challenges business owners face when considering the sale of their business.

Oxford educated (MBA), Mark’s unique perspective as an entrepreneur who transitioned to M&A is highly unique within the M&A community, providing his blend of insights developed over 25+ years of building businesses, the first 15 years in which he struggled to find the right approach to selling those businesses.

12+ years of full-time commitment to the field of M&A has resulted in a highly practical and useful framework to developing exit strategies entrepreneurs contemplating the sale of their own business.

Today, Mark speaks internationally at entrepreneur/CEO/Family Office events, empowering audiences with the knowledge, skills and perspective they need to develop, implement and execute compelling exit strategies of their own.

“Mark’s perspective on the sell-side process is highly unique and will be of significant value to any shareholder, CEO, founder or otherwise who is looking to sell their business. As an active investor myself in numerous companies over the years, I am certain that the approach to selling businesses that Mark has developed…will make a positive difference to any business owner’s sell-side strategy. Any entrepreneur looking to strengthen his/her knowledge on the principles of a successful selling strategy should get to know Mark and his methodology.”

  • Igor Sill, Silicon Valley VC and early-stage investor in companies such as, Siebel Systems (Oracle), Weblogic, Square, NetGravity and many more. Current/past Advisory Board Member of, BlinkLogic, IMF, Strawberry Creek Ventures (UCBerkeley alumni investment group) and Red Herring Communications.

The Intelligent Exit received Best Business Book award (2018 Paris Book Festival) and Runner-Up, Best Business Book (2018 New York Book Festival). He was runner-up for the 2018 Association of Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors M&A Thought Leader of The Year. In H2 2019,  he will be launching his online platform,, an online resource designed to empower and equip entrepreneurs worldwide with comprehensive training, tools and insights into preparing for the sale of their businesses. His course, ExitAcademy, will contain more than 30 hours of valuable insights on all aspects of selling your business.

Mark resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with his wife Marije and sons Maximilian and Mason. He is a former professional basketball player and an active member of his church.