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So, lately you’ve been saying to yourself… “I want to sell my business… or perhaps have thought… “How much is my business worth?”

Knowing how – and when – to sell/exit your business is a tough call. For many, the next question is “who do I contact if I want to sell my business?” … or maybe, “How do I know when to sell?”

Our founder, Mark Carmichael, published his book: The Intelligent Exit: The Business Owner’s Guide To A Winning Strategy For Selling Your Company, to equip entrepreneurs with they need to know BEFORE they sell their business. The Intelligent Exit has been acknowledged internationally with awards in Best Business Book of the Year 2018 and even runner-up recognition for Mark as International M&A Thought Leader of the Year 2018. The book is currently the focus of a series of presentations being given globally to entrepreneur, CEO and family office groups seeking clarity on their respective exits.

Tower Corporate Finance: In Brief

What We Do: We help entrepreneurs worldwide sell their businesses the right way. (Yes, there is certainly a wrong way to do it.)

Why We Do It: Most business owners have never sold a business and there’s much more involved in the process than you think.

How We Do It: We’ve developed the world’s most comprehensive process for selling businesses… and it works. The Intelligent Exit explains the foundations of our approach in detail… (get your copy here)

Why Business Owners Work With Us: Because we’re entrepreneurs, just like them. We understand them (and you) better than any other advisor you’re going to meet and we love what we do. Get in touch with us when it suits you. Let’s talk now or whenever you’re ready. Remember, though, that the sooner you start getting the right advice, the greater your odds of a successful exit.

Where? We’re based in London, Amsterdam, Toronto and Barbados – but our clients are truly all over the globe. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cybersecurity company in Hong Kong, a vineyard in Italy or a gold mine in Utah. We can help you sell your business through our international process which brings competing buyers to the table.

If you’re thinking of selling but don’t know where to turn, or how to get started, We’ve been there and we can help. 

Over the years we’ve worked with – and crossed paths with – countless entrepreneurs in virtually every sector and in every region. Many told of previous failed exit attempts. For some it worked out, for most it didn’t go as expected… and for a few, it was a nightmare.

Our goal is to spare you that. Tower has a strong entrepreneurial DNA and adding value to other business owners is something that we are genuinely passionate about. Our founder has a 25+ year track-record of building and selling his own businesses before entering the world of M&A advisory 12 years ago. We speak your language better than any other M&A advisor you’ll find out there. That’s a promise. We’ll show you the common areas that most entrepreneurs fail to address and will show you how to avoid them.

Who is Mark Carmichael?

Our founder, Mark Carmichael, is a lifelong serial-entrepreneur whose undeniable passion is developing, implementing and executing sell-side strategies on behalf of our clients.

Oxford-educated (MBA), Mark’s educational background and lifelong entrepreneurial track-record is distinctive amongst the investment banking and M&A advisory community. This blend of experience is uncommon in M&A, meaning he and his team are qualified to provide real-world advice that imparts a meaningful difference to entrepreneurs on their own journeys to selling their businesses.


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Let Us Create Your Selling-Your-Business Blueprint

A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and the best way to get there. 

Tower will create a bespoke roadmap for you, identifying in detail the foundations of your successful business exit. Equip and empower yourself with the confidence, clarity and direction YOU need to realise the optimal sale of your business.

The Intelligent Exit: The Business Owner's Guide To A Winning Strategy For Selling Your Company

Mark Carmichael’s book is an international award-winning resource for entrepreneurs looking to exit their business in the optimum fashion.

Since 2006, Mark has had the privilege to advise  business owners big and small and near and far. The companies Mark has helped span the entire corporate spectrum, working in industries as varied as software, gold mines, auto manufacturing, co-working office spaces, Formula One, AdTech,  agriculture and many more. His clients range from billionaire entrepreneurs to 20-somethings on their way to unicorn status.

Competitive Bidders

Tower’s sell-side strategies are designed to create multiple bidders vying for your business. This is the surest way to elicit not only the highest valuation for your company, but also the most attractive deal terms/structure and the highest probability of a successful closing in the shortest time possible.

Global Reach

We invest heavily in our ever-expanding global network of investor relationships with strategic investors, private equity, family offices and high net-worth individuals. We’ve built strong relationships based on mutual-respect and we invest into building and sustaining those relationships. Result: when we call or email them, they respond.

Want to Learn About Selling Your Business the Right Way?

Get in touch and let’s talk. No sales pitch. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your company and your objectives. Then, if there’s a match, we can discuss next steps. If there’s no match, you’ll still benefit from our free advice and counsel.